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There has never been a better time to take your career to the next level. Upskill NWA connects you to higher-paying and in-demand healthcare careers by providing free education and wraparound support. 

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Connecting Northwest Arkansas to Career Opportunities.

Upskill NWA comes to work every day with the mission to connect you to your dream career. Currently, we connect participants to career opportunities in the healthcare field and take care of things like tuition, books, fees, licensing exam costs, and other historical barriers. Upskill NWA participants are partnered with a Career Navigator who are with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

The Model

In 1992, the city of San Antonio, TX identified that there was a huge need to place residents into careers with higher earnings. They created a wildly successful model, known as Project QUEST, which has since been replicated across Texas and several other states, that provides individuals the opportunity and support to get the training and credentials they need to get started in a promising new career. Upskill NWA has been working hand in hand with these organizations to adapt this model for Northwest Arkansas.

The Process

Philanthropic, academic and employer stakeholders came together in 2021 to address workforce shortages in Northwest Arkansas. Our shared goal is to provide opportunities to upskill current residents into high demand careers throughout our community. Based on the core tenets of the successful Texas model, Upskill NWA is looking to begin its inaugural class of 100 participants in January 2022.

“I had worked as a CNA for about five years but always wanted to be an RN, but I never got around to it. Not only did the program assist with my books and tuition, they offered us tutoring services at no charge. Juggling my job, school, three nephews, and elderly father were exceedingly difficult. Fortunately, the program was there for me, and the VIP sessions helped keep me on track reminding me to set goals and to remember my motivation for attending college.”

- Chelsie, TX Program Graduate

“I am a husband and father of seven beautiful children, so the thought of not being able to provide for my family was very scary. I had never been to college....I completed my Nursing degree and I plan to continue my education and get my master's in nursing in order to become a CRNA. This program has truly been a God send to our family...”

- Jason, TX Program Graduate

“These people pay for you to go to college? What’s the catch?!” Shirlet recalls thinking. But she really needed the help.  “I had the vision, and I had the perseverance, but I didn’t have the financial support. My family was encouraging, but I needed the financial support.” Shirlet was able to finish college that set a foundation for her continued success.

- Shirlet, TX Program Graduate

"It just means the world to me to purse a dream I've always had. To be a nurse. This is something I'm taking very serious...Upskill came into play during my interview, during my LPN. It seems too good to be true. I'm just happy, so blessed, and so grateful for this program."

- Pita Jones, Upskill NWA Inaugural Class Student

Community Partners

Upskill NWA is made possible through the work of our key partners.

Ready to Upskill Into Your New Career?

Ready to Upskill Into Your New Career?